There are already enough Slovak textbooks for all Ukrainian schoolchildren

Until now, Slovak kindergartens and elementary schools did not have any books that would help foreign children learn Slovak and integrate more easily into the educational process and the collective. Before the summer, it was possible to publish the first few hundred textbooks, but there were still not enough for all the children. Thanks to the gift, all children from Ukraine, but also from other countries, as well as children of compatriots living abroad, have something to learn from.
All Ukrainian children already have something to learn Slovak from. The first Slovak textbook for school-aged foreign children has already been published in a circulation of 15,000 copies, together with 20,000 workbooks and 8,500 dictionaries. And that's thanks to a donation of 135,000 euros from the EPH Foundation. "We are very grateful for this financial assistance, without which we would not be able to cover the entire market. Despite the fact that many children have returned home to Ukraine, thousands of young Ukrainians remain in Slovakia and will probably stay for a long time. Knowledge of the language will be crucial for their future," says Alona Kurotová from the iCan language school, which published the textbooks.

It is a hundred and five books, which include the First Contact Slovak Textbook for school-aged children - Aha, slovenčina!, Slovak for each year of primary school for children of foreigners from the Slovak Republic + worksheets, Translation dictionary of basic terms for elementary school, The world around us in Slovak - Basic vocabulary of the Slovak language for preschool children, but also a tool for teachers, which is the Manual for the inclusion of foreign children in the educational process in the Slovak Republic.
The iCan language school started working on a series of textbooks almost three years ago. She also prepared it in cooperation with the experts of the State Pedagogical Institute, which standardizes the teaching of Slovak for children of foreigners and harmonizes it with the requirements of the curriculum. Three compatriot associations from England, Ireland and France also participated in the preparation. The books were prepared as part of the Erasmus+ project. The co-authors of the textbooks - Martina Uličná, Klaudia Báčkai and Zuzana Hirschnerová are known not only for their first-year grammar book but also for their Slovak language textbooks for Slovak children. The nursery rhymes for the youngest children were recorded by the married presenter couple Adela Vinczeová and Viktor Vincze.

"Therefore, our big thanks go to everyone who participated in the implementation of this project, but especially to the EPH Foundation, whose donation financed the printing of the textbooks, and last but not least to the companies Euro Tech Service and Myhive offices, which provided us with storage space for these textbooks. " adds Alona Kurotová.

Schools or parents will be able to purchase the textbooks printed thanks to the donation with a 50 percent discount after entering the EPH code, even until stocks run out. More information can be found on the website slokia.sk.