Erasmus+ webinar
Education of children of foreigners in the Slovak Republic

On November 22, 2021, a webinar was held as part of the Erasmus+ project Slovak for children of foreigners - a tool for teachers and parents in the inclusion of children of foreigners in the educational process in the Slovak Republic. The event was realized as an output of the iCan Language School Workshop to the First Contact Textbook, PZ The World Around Us in Slovak and Slovak at School.
The webinar was attended by 50 people interested in the given issue (excluding the participants of the project partners), together with the teachers of the educational centers collaborating on the project and the employees of ŠPÚ and iCan, 67 people were connected. There were mainly teaching and management staff from schools with a high percentage of pupils for whom Slovak is not their mother tongue. Among the participants were also representatives from foreign educational centers that specialize in teaching Slovak in Slovak communities abroad and other professional members of the public. Representatives teaching Slovak abroad also showed interest and participated in the webinar, e.g. from foreign elementary schools with the Slovak language of instruction from ZŠ Našice, Croatia, the Slovak National Elementary School in Mlynké, the Slovak Gymnasium in Békéscsab (Republic of Hungary), or from universities from departments of Slavic studies - Velikotarnovská univerzita st. Cyril and Methodius (Bulgaria), University of Silesia in Katowice, (Republic of Poland) and others.

As part of the program, doc. Mgr. Silvia Letavajová, PhD from the Department of Culture and Tourism Management, UKF in Nitra, who professionally focuses on the field of modern migration, communities of new minorities in Slovakia, culture of ethnic minorities, majority-minority relations. In the lecture Adaptation and acculturation processes of migrants in Slovakia, the associate professor followed up on her lecture from June 21 and developed the topic in more detail on specific groups of migrants in the SR (Afghan community) and their integration into the majority society.

In the second part of the webinar, the author of the publication First Contact Textbook Ms. Báčkai and Ms. Uličná. They presented basic information about the content of the textbook, starting points, scope, target group, structure of the textbook and content of individual chapters. They focused on working with the textbook and developing communication skills. They also presented additional material to the textbook, namely workbooks for 2 age categories of pupils. The lecture was met with great interest by the participants and the discussion on the individual chapters of the textbook was sparked.

The last lecture was a lecture by the co-author of the textbooks World around us in Slovak and Slovak in the school of Ms. Hirschnerova. In her lecture, she focused on introducing the target group of publications, goals, structure, basic didactic characteristics and the most important didactic recommendations as well as recommendations for the use of individual parts of textbooks in educational practice.

All three presentations met with an active response from the professional public and sparked a stimulating discussion. We received many positive comments and wishes for success in finishing the project. The participants gave us positive feedback and motivation for further work in the final phase of work on the project. We are all looking forward to our collaboration!

Iveta Tunegova