About us

We are a private language school that has been providing accredited language education to young people in foreign languages since 1998, specialising in teaching Slovak as a foreign language or second language.
Since 2016, we have been operating in Bratislava at Panónská cesta 17 and in Košice at Mojmírova 12, providing our students with courses of varying hourly amounts for all language levels, which we assess according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). We offer courses ranging from intensive courses with 25 or more hours per week, to semi-intensive, individual and online courses. Courses are taught by our teachers who meet demanding qualification, linguistic, moral and ethical criteria.

The school is accredited by the Schools and Colleges Network facilities of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Slovak Republic in Bratislava and Košice.

Since 2018 we have extended our accreditation to include the target group of children aged 3 to 15 years. Within this activity, we focus primarily on children of foreigners living in Slovakia, to whom we provide language courses in the Slovak language, but also in the native language of foreigners. In this area we also use informal language teaching tools by organising workshops for students and pupils to support formal teaching.

We have started cooperation with primary schools that educate children of foreigners. In 2019, we expanded our cooperation to expatriate educational associations, especially in the western Europe (Finland, France, Germany) as well as to other institutions that support the education of youth with an orientation towards foreigners in Slovakia and abroad, thus we want to actively establish ourselves in an environment that supports the inclusion of foreigners and compatriots in the educational process and their integration into mainstream society. Through these efforts, we want to support the process of modernisation and internationalisation of youth education in Slovakia, but also in the broader context of expatriate communities abroad.

We are the main coordinator of the project within the Erasmus+ programme Slovak Language for Children of Foreigners - a tool for educators and parents in the inclusion of children of foreigners in the educational process in the Slovak Republic, in which we cooperate with educational centres in Dublin, Birmingham, Paris and the State Pedagogical Institute.


  • Experience in teaching Slovak to children of foreigners and expatriates since 1998.
  • Combined teaching methods (Slovak in Slovak, students practise real situations, audiovisual materials are actively used, all skills are practised evenly: listening, speaking, reading, writing).
  • Courses are taught by experts in Slovak for foreigners and expatriates and have experience with school terminology, as they are teachers working in Slovakia.
  • Online learning - Using the advanced features of ZOOM.
  • Three locations: in Bratislava (Panónska cesta 17) and Košice (Mojmírova 12) and online.
  • The widest range of Slovak courses for foreigners, expatriates and the whole family.
  • Lecturers, tutors and administrative staff of the school are proficient in Russian and English.
  • Students have dedicated support from primary and secondary school teachers.
  • Informal education in the iCan Club (playing games together, watching films, reading books, going on trips).
  • Students aged 14 and above who are citizens of 3rd countries have the possibility to obtain a national visa.