On April 5, 2023, a meeting of the School Commission for Western Europe and Abroad was held in the Office of Slovaks Living Abroad. Our school was also invited to the commission meeting. The session was chaired by ÚSŽZ vice-president Mr. Prochacka, who welcomed representatives of educational centers and weekend schools from Switzerland, England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Cyprus, Iceland and the USA, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Slovak Republic, NIVaM. , FF UK and other institutions engaged in education, teaching Slovak as a second or foreign language. Ms. Yarmila Bukhova from the educational center in Munich became the president of the section, to whom Ms. Prokhatska presented the decree of appointment. At the same time, Ms. Bukhova is the president of the association of educational centers ISEIA.

Our school received the opportunity and a large enough space to present the results of the project, namely textbooks, workbooks and additional educational materials, which were created during 2019-2022 with the support of the Erasmus+ program together with our partners from Dublin, Birmingham, Paris and NIVaM. The project was presented by Ms. Alona Kurotova and Ms. Iveta Tunehova. We very much appreciate the opportunity and opportunity given to us by ÚSZZ. According to the feedback from the educational centers, we are glad that the results of our work met with positive feedback and interest. Those present took home a set of textbooks from us. We believe that after promotion in educational centers, teachers and parents of children will be interested in our publications. It is within our power to satisfy this interest to a sufficient extent. We look forward to further cooperation with ÚSZZ, educational centers, as well as ISEIA, which has expressed interest in cooperation with iCan.
The program of the commission was continued by the speeches of Ms. Drugova from the Methodological Center of UMB, Ms. Kovachova Shvetsova from the Faculty of Pedagogy of UMB, Ms. Pekarovichova from FF UK and others. The meeting of the school commission ended with the approval of the conclusions of the meeting. A good conclusion to the meeting was a joint tour of the renovated premises of the CIS.

Finally, we add some photos from the meeting of the school commission.

Ing. Iveta Tunegová

Project manager of the Erasmus program