Manual for the inclusion of children of foreigners in the educational process in the Slovak Republic
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Compilers: PhDr. Janka Píšová, PhD., Mgr. Karol Csiba, PhD., PhDr. Denisa Ďuranová
Translators: PhDr. Denisa Ďuranová, Lesia Gorovenko, Mgr. Sofia Gregorík, Mgr. Anna Krnáčová, Mgr. Milan Kurota, CSc., Dr. Ing. Nguyen Kim Dang, Ing. Mgr. Rastislav Popović, Mgr. Tatiana Valentová
Ilustrator: Margo Uralskaia
Graphic designer: Ing. Gabriela Némethová

The Manual for the Inclusion of Foreigners' Children into the Educational Process in the Slovak Republic is intended for executives, pedagogical and non-educational staff and parents and focuses on the legislative background of the issues related to the processes of admission and inclusion of foreigners' children into the educational process in the Slovak Republic and into the teaching of Slovak as a foreign language.

At the same time, it can be a step-by-step guide to preparing for the arrival of a foreign pupil to school and thus ensuring his/her full inclusion in the educational process. The manual includes a set of materials for the needs of primary schools in different language versions.

It aims to assist schools in communicating basic information, e.g. about the education system in the Slovak Republic, school regulations, school children's club, meals, etc. to the foreign pupil and his/her parents/legal guardian in a language they can understand.
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