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Presentation of the foreign partners of the Slovak for children of foreigners project - methodological manuals

Dear elementary and kindergarten teachers, professional public, dear supporters of the iCan language school,

as we have already informed you in our blogs and posts, that on November 2 and 3, 2023, our school held a successful two-day training seminar for teaching staff on methodological and didactic materials that are created as outputs of the Slovak for children of foreigners project - methodological manuals, guidelines and aids in the use of didactic materials for the inclusion of children in the educational process in the Slovak Republic. We organized the seminar for our partners collaborating on the project, which are the foreign education centers Petit Slavik from Paris, eMeLeS from Dublin and Czech&Slovak Club from Birmingham and experts from NIVaM.

In the course of the two-day seminar, whether during breaks for refreshments or during the working lunch, space was also created for informal conversations of the participants of the event. Colleague teachers exchanged impressions, knowledge and experiences from teaching Slovak and from working with different groups of children. Our colleagues - teachers from foreign educational centers, who have experience mainly in teaching Slovak to Slovak children living abroad, shared their experience with teachers in Slovakia, who mainly meet Ukrainian or, for example, Vietnamese children in their classes.

We are happy to introduce our foreign partners from educational centers in the United Kingdom in Birmingham, Dublin, Ireland or Paris to you through the interviews we filmed for you during the seminar. You will learn something about their work with children, about the institutions where they work, about their activities contributing to the improvement of Slovak culture, Slovak language and Slovak traditions, but also about their further plans for the future.

Watch the videos with the directors of the educational center in Birmingham, Ms. Dagmara Smalley, Mr. Elizabeth De la Bouvrie from Petit Slavik Paris and Mr. Lucia Šefčíková from the eMeLeS Dublin educational center from Ireland.