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In Slovak until June. Ukrainian students take an intensive language course

Ukrainian students should already be able to master Slovak at the A2 to B1 level - that is, understanding common topics in school or in their personal life - in the middle of June, who could then continue their studies at a university in Slovakia.

Such a level of Slovak can be achieved thanks to an intensive course (18 hours per week) of Slovak. They take them from the beginning of April until the middle of June, in total there will be up to 180 Slovak lessons over 10 weeks. The University of Economics in Bratislava agreed on the courses with the iCan language school. The language school will provide the college with its accredited Slovak lecturers and all necessary teaching materials. The college will pay for the lessons and will also provide its premises.

"We want to prepare students from Ukraine to use the Slovak language to the extent necessary to master full-time studies at a public university in the Slovak language," XY explains the motives of the University of Economics.

Alona Kurotová, who runs the iCan language school, considers the approach of the University of Economics in Bratislava to be unique, as it is the first university to start solving the problem not only of Ukrainian students with an economic focus, but of all university students who show an interest in learning Slovak and continuing their studies with us.

"One hundred young Ukrainians are provisionally registered for the courses, but the capacities are not yet filled," says Alona Kurotová.

In addition to the fact that young people will be able to attend lectures again and continue their studies thanks to their knowledge of Slovak, they will also be able to actively participate in the social life of society. "We want to support the development of the listeners' personality and their prerequisites for life in Slovakia," adds XY from the University of Economics in Bratislava.

After the basic course, Ukrainian students will be able to continue improving their Slovak language even during the holidays, and in the autumn semester they could already enter Slovak universities with a decent level of knowledge of the language. "They should be able to study at Slovak universities without any problems," concludes XY.